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Meet CeeTeeO!1 min read

Needls is the Internet’s first RoboAgency. Plain and simple. We’re doing big things by disrupting the digital advertising industry. When it came time to picking our mascot we went with a robot for obvious reasons.

We tasked our incredible UI/UX team to come up with a symbol to represent who and what we are doing and the whole concept seemed to just just flow out like rainbows from unicorns.  The hard part was giving “it” its name. When our awesome team of designers came up with the look of the robot, we turned to our online community asking them to help us name it.

We were overwhelmed with the amount of votes and had a lot of fun tracking the results. As you can imagine this caused some tension in the office as people were split into teams based on their favourites. After some bribing and fake votes (which we didn’t count) we all got on the same page with our shortlist of favourites.

The results are in and after a close race the winner is, CeeTeeO!

We came up with the option CeeTeeO because as a RoboAgency, needls automatically creates, targets and optimizes digital advertising, it’s what we do best!

Our goal is to help small businesses grow, we want to help the middle class by giving them access to advertising that is normally way out of their budget.

You’ll notice CeeTeeO will be a constant in our UI/UX and branding. This is the first step in helping establish our own branch within the AdTech/MarketingTech sectors as the Internet’s first RoboAgency.

Watch out digital agencies and DIY’ers, we’re coming for ya!


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