The history of advertising: 1800s

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The 1800s saw huge strides in advertising which paved the way for many advertising methods that are still around today.

Newspaper ads began in the 1800s and were a weekly occurrence, it was common for them to be used to promote books and other reading materials. In June 1836 the French newspaper La Presse was the first to include paid advertising in its pages. The affluent middle-class in the 1850s and 1860s were always looking for new products, and they turned to print publications to find out what new products were on the market.


Volney B. Palmer

In the United States in 1841 the first advertising agency opened in Philadelphia, it was setup by Volney B. Palmer. By 1861 there were over twenty advertising agencies in New York City alone. J Walter Thompson agency was one of those open in NYC and is still in business today. In fact, the company has over 200 offices worldwide.

Thomas J. Barrett

Thomas J. Barrett

In Britain the founding father of modern advertising was Thomas J. Barratt. While working for the Pears Soap company he created an effective campaign with the slogan “Good morning, have you used Pears’ soap?”  which became a famous slogan back then.

pears soap

19th century advertising was simple and effective and we try to remind our users of that today. Connecting with potential customers doesn’t take fancy language or over the top images, they just want an honest message with honest pictures that will benefit them in some way. So be personable and have fun with your creative.

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